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Whether you’re new to websites, or have been running one for a while, you should know that a site alone does not guarantee on line marketing success!  In Fact, many websites in existence today fail to attract any business at all!!!It has never been more important to be found on the Internet, and although many businesses have great products and services, they get little or no traffic and virtually no sales. For most, the investment in building a website has proven fruitless but it doesn’t have to be that way!
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Have you ever wondered why your competitors seem to be doing so much better on line when their products and services are INFERIOR to yours and their prices are HIGHER?
It’s probably because they know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and they’re using the right methods to get them ranked at the top of Google’s page 1. That is what is driving the traffic to their sites and that is what allows them to grow online sales!You could be there too!World Touch SEO can get you Google Page 1 rankings for almost any Keyword or Key Phrase and that is all you need to deliver an incredible return on your investment but first you have to forget everything you know, or think you know about SEO.

Google's Pandas & PenguinsGoogle’s cute and cuddly animals wreak havoc!

Pandas & Penguins are Guarding Page 1

Google has dramatically changed the way it ranks all sites in the last few years and most SEO consultants have failed to stay ahead of those changes. They are applying old techniques that either fail to work or result in site penalties from Google, which will see any rankings crash.  World Touch SEO doesn’t work with old methods. We are constantly anticipating changes and updating our procedures to ensure our ranking methods consistently deliver outstanding results. For example, do you know how much more important content is today in getting sites to the top of the Google rankings?  Here is our latest video on the subject.

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