Off site SEO with Mrs P’s giftware company

Mrs’s P’s Off site SEO issues

When Mrs P called us about her problem with her gift-selling web page, we had a different problem to face.  In her case it was because she had brilliant On page SEO but nothing Off-site. Because of this, her site wasn’t seeing much traffic at all! We first of all congratulated her on the great site she’d produced and then explained that without optimising off page SEO and social avenues as well, her traffic would dwindle. There was also no blog on the website. Miles leapt in with her knowledge and expertise of building social networks and all the little precious gems of knowledge you need in today’s very competitive market, and once the keywords were agreed, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before we started getting the rankings Mrs P wanted.

 Social Interaction to build authority

We started working right away on Mrs P’s off page work and social networking and social media by building her reputation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and initiating a blog page as well to generate customers to participate – this lets your customers know that you are there and listening to clients and when you answer them and interact this will naturally boosts your credibility and boy did it for Mrs P!  She also found that Pinterest activities were giving her much more social interaction.  Pinterest can be a great site for gift sellers, as the pictures of her products proved.

Video to showcase, and to build more social shares

We also introduced her webpage to YouTube with videos about her products and lovely gifts and different “craft days” she holds.  The videos also detailed where her products were from if they were from abroad and as Mrs P is big into protecting the environment the video emphasised that her products are made from environmentally-friendly products which are all responsibly sourced.  As this is a big selling point within her company as well as being one of her own strong beliefs, we also made this a “feature” on her front page by putting her environmentally-friendly accreditations in the spotlight and linking it to outside sources, which, in turn, is another way we promote further web traffic.

 The results

Mrs P was so impressed with our work because she actually started to receive results within just days of us “going live” with her new updates.  She soon started to receive more traffic and has since had to hire further members of staff within to deal with the traffic and influx of sales order she was receiving!

When Mrs P was asked what she would like to say about our company and the work we’d done for her she said, “Thank goodness for Miles and her social media skills. That sort of thing had totally passed me by. I had no idea what was wrong with my page as it was really well put together but not getting any traffic. Now it’s fixed, my gifts are flying out of the door, and I’ve had to hire some storage space so I can place bigger orders!” 

Analytical Skills
Social Media Skills
Overall Improvements
Jo JeffriesOff site SEO with Mrs P’s giftware company

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