Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than a few SEO service providers that would like you to think SEO is some magical science only the most experienced wizards have a handle on. At the risk of sounding unprofessional, that’s just sales speak intended to justify high prices and poor performance. The only bit of any of this that is mysterious is just how the search engine algorithms assess the pages they crawl and rank, but even that can be figured out with a bit of patience.

We are not in the business of making excuses for why things aren’t working. It is our job to figure out how to make them work. Not every website we work with performs in the rankings exactly as we expect it to. We can’t always figure out why some sites rank for a particular phrase while others do not. What we can and will always do is to continue digging and adjusting until we figure out how to get our clients pages – your pages – ranked for the selected keywords and phrases.

In the process of doing so we may at times sound like we’re speaking in some strange and exotic tongue. These FAQ’s are our attempt at offering you a clear and simple translation of the terms you are going to be hearing us talk about. And of course, you can always stop us any time if you have questions. We will always do our very best to help you understand exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it!