The Team

Glen | The Strategist

Always the tinkerer, Glen loves figuring out how things work and then trying to make them work measurably better.

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Jo | Passionate Writer

Jo and her team of writers love nothing better than sinking their teeth into a new content development project.

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Miles | Ms. Social

Miles has been building social networks long before social and networks were ever used in the same sentence.

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Chuck | Path Finder

With an extraodinary ability to find the golden nuggets, Chukk is the prefect SEO researcher & Link Builder.

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As a team, we have one goal and one goal only. Our goal is to ensure you achieve online marketing success that is both measurable and cost effective. Nothing less than that should be satisfactory to you and it certainly isn’t an acceptable result for us. That means a lot of hard work right from the start, delivering keyword research that allows you to make good up-front decisions. That is followed with a well defined plan of attack, executed effectively and tracked and adjusted constantly to ensure complete success.

We can’t always tell you exactly what it will take to get any one keyword or phrase ranked on page 1 and anyone that tells you they can might as well be offering the Tower Bridge for sale. We will not play with your expectations in order to achieve short-term gains. You are in business for the long-term and so are we. So, you can count on us to set out goals that are both aggressive and achievable right from the start and to then keep you actively involved at every step along the way so you always know exactly where you stand.

How We Stack Up

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