Our Philosophy – Our SEO Consulting Approach

Never bring less than 100% to anything you do in life and you will never fail to enjoy life to it’s fullest. The same is true when it comes to our SEO consulting work and delivering great ranking results. It takes a full effort to achieve the best possible outcome and we simply cannot allow ourselves to bring anything less than that to the table.

Glen and the World Touch SEO team are very conscientious, thorough and timely. The results over this past six months has gone well beyond my expectation.Rebecca C.

Each SEO consulting assignment we take on begins with an in-depth conversation that helps us determine the true nature of the requirements, but it goes further than that. In our consultative role we help shape goals as well to ensure the end result will deliver the strongest possible return on the investment each client commits to the project. That is in-fact the key to our success. We deliver results that pay dividends rather than simply racking up expense.

More often than not, clients come to us with one request – “Put us on page 1 of Google”. While that is clearly an important goal it can’t be the only goal. If it was, getting pages ranked would be an absolute cake walk. Think about it. As SEO consultants we could simply choose the simplest and least competitive phrases for any given niche, put in a minimum of effort, and see those pages ranked almost instantly. The truth is, many in our business do just that. The client of course sees the page one rankings and is initially impressed. After all, they are on page 1 and that should be a very good thing. It’s when they start to look at traffic that the reality of the situation sinks in.

Our SEO Consultants had us on page 1 for 7 different phrase and still our organic traffic stayed stuck at near zero.  The World Touch team turned that all around by refocusing us on better keyword phrases. Now we are on page 1 for just 2 phrases but the traffic coming to the site is astounding and we are well in the green.Mark W.

As SEO consultants the first and most important bit of work we tackle is in the research phase of the project.  Once we understand and have helped shape the goals we now need to determine how best to achieve those goals and that starts with a in depth understanding of the competitive landscape.  We need to dig to find the most productive keyword phrases.  We need a clear understanding of what will be required to get each of those phrases ranked for our target pages.  We need to develop clear projections that will help determine what each phrase is likely to return against the investment that will be required.  We need to use all of this to set out a well defined strategy that our clients can confidently sign on to.

We always bring 100% to every project we take on and this is just a small bit of how and why we do that.  Talk to us directly and see for yourself.  You will quickly discover that we are much more than SEO Consultants.  We are your partners in the effort to grow your profitable business.  Bring us onto your team and let us show you how real SEO Consultants deliver outstanding ROI’s.

Glen GOur Philosophy – Our SEO Consulting Approach

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