SEO for Mrs. B’s Virtual Assistance Company

Mrs. B, who had set up her own business for virtual assistance, contacted us in order to see what she needed to know about setting up her website to be SEO optimised. After an initial consultation, and a whole lot of information she wasn’t aware of, we sent over a schedule of what World Touch could offer her, and the time scale and deliverables we felt she could achieve with her target keywords. As Mrs. B was unsure about the fundamentals of web design, she asked if we’d be willing to design her website for her also.

Working with the company to gain details of her products and services gave Mrs. B at least two new customers, as Jo and one of her writers couldn’t resist some of the items for sale!

The consultation and initial web site optimisation

The plan was originally to set up a website, at Mrs. B’s request just showcasing the products, but we offered her an ecommerce option she just couldn’t resist.  After a couple more consultations, the keyword choice was finalised, the web design was finalised and we were ready for the off!

As soon as the website was up and running we scheduled a conference call with Mrs. B to ensure she was happy with the design. The teams from WTM were overwhelmed with some of the feedback and it was clear that between Jo, the writing team and the Web Designers that World Touch SEO had far exceeded expectations.

The Magic of Off-Site SEO

Now it was time for Glen to do the magic. By optimising the On-page content, Glen had already made sure that the website had Page Power, now the magic had to start happening on a wider scale. Content on relevant sites such as a video product showcase, an explainer video of the origins of the company, some infographics and some great articles began to appear on high-ranking, relevant sites. Mrs. B’s website shot up the rankings on her chosen keywords. We received a fantastic phone call on the Friday after we began to post content to tell us that not only had she seen the levels of traffic soar, she’d been receiving a steady stream of order requests. “Over the moon” didn’t begin to cover it.

Sticking at it – Long term SEO

However, as we’d explained from the start, there was always going to be an influx of traffic initially, the trick was to keep that traffic coming. Well, 3 months on and Mrs. B has had to take on 2 new staff to cope with demand, so its pretty clear the business is still going strong.

When we asked Mrs. B for her customer satisfaction survey, she wrote:

“Overwhelmed with the knowledge I had to take on to understand web design and SEO, I turned to a web design and SEO company and had to put my trust in them completely. Thankfully I chose a great team, who didn’t mind explaining to me every step of the way what they needed and what they were going to do for me. I felt like I had someone there who understood how scary putting yourself online is, and how knowledge is power when it comes to marketing your business online. I will continue to work with Jo, Glen and the team and thank them profusely for all they’ve done so far. One VERY satisfied customer. ”

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Jo JeffriesSEO for Mrs. B’s Virtual Assistance Company

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