Google Penalty Removal and Site Recovery for Mr Y

At World Touch SEO we’ve covered various issues with SEO but in Mr Y’s case it was a bit more in depth.

Unfortunately, this talented musician had paid a company to optimise his site for SEO, and also paid quite a lot of money for them to do it. Due to the nature of his business, and the fact that to be successful as a musician you have to be well known, rankings are imperative to getting bookings. If people don’t know who you are, they won’t buy your music. Initial Google success via Black Hat SEO was short lived Mr Y’s page had ranked highly for a short time with Google and shortly after paying for the services he found to his horror, found he had a Google penalty because he didn’t realise the company he’d hired and paid a lot of money to, had used black had tactics to achieve his SEO. The drop in his ranking was terrifying to Mr. Y as his music was his only source of income! He was devastated when he came to see us with this problem, but we were able to solve this and, as Mr Y put it, completely and utterly saved his bacon Needless to say, when Mr Y tried to call and contact the original SEO company they no longer existed and there was no sign of them to be found whatsoever So he lost a lot of money, not only the money he paid them, but the money he lost from the business and traffic he lost from being penalised from Google and his webpage being blacklisted. Knowing it was going to be a fight to get back up there, he enlisted our help to remove the penalty and get his back where he needed to be.

How WTM removed the Google Penalty

First of all, we trawled his existing web page and removed any problems areas that Google had penalised him for, i.e. the hidden links and invisible doorways and invisible text and sneaky spamming. In essence it was like starting from scratch, as we went through everything with a fine toothcomb, which, if you know about penalties, you literally have to. Then working closely with Mr Y naturally to build up his rankings and give him what ne so badly needed, we started again with his new key words and key phrases and built him up a bespoke webpage that wasn’t in ANY way using any of the black hat tactics that Google will immediately penalise you for. We ensured his new page had none of these whatsoever that Google could ever shake a stick at and launched his new website in November 2012. Google crawled the page again and his webpage ranked again. A clean site with the right and relevant information is what Google is looking for and here at World Touch SEO we can offer what Google is looking for. This is how we were able to use our knowledge and expertise in SEO to rescue Mr Y’s page from its horrifying crash landing.

Customer comments

Mr Y says, “Never mind that my webpage has totally recovered, I’ve never experienced such a brilliant response from a website in my life. Handing over my livelihood to another SEO company when I’d be so badly burned before was so scary, but the team at WTM (especially Glen) were so helpful and reassuring. Contact was returned quickly, and I was informed every step of the way how things were going. I know that SEO is a long term process and will be with WTM long term, as I KNOW they’re a team to be trusted.”

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Jo JeffriesGoogle Penalty Removal and Site Recovery for Mr Y

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