Content is King and this monarch demands your allegiance

Content has been steadily gaining importance in determining what will and what will not appear on the first page of results for and give search.  The actual content is weighed to determine which is most relevant to the search term and that is what is returned.  It matters far less how many backlinks a page has, or how old the site it’s posted on is or, any of the other things SEO professionals might claim are important for gaining top rankings.  While they all still play a role, the are secondary factors at best. They populate the king’s court but only Content is King!

Content isn’t just the written word

If all you ever put up are text articles it won’t matter how well they are written.  They will fail to grab the same level of attention as those that include images, video and more.Dave Jensen

Many in the field are stuck on the idea that articles are the end-all.  They are only partially correct.  The written word, set out in well crafted articles certainly has a key role to play but to be really effective they need support from other content types.  They need to be surrounded by rich media.

Articles that are nothing more than a series of words are less likely to be read than those that include images and video.  While some may find this a sad state of affairs, it is a fact that simply cannot be ignored.  You either find a way, through the creative use of all media types, to grab and hold attention or you will lose your audience to others that have mastered content creation strategy.

As an extra added bonus, Google loves rich content almost as much as they love original content.  And, they love content that keeps people on the page.  So, the next time you are about to write a new article and employ someone to do it for you, consider developing an entire media package that will shine with both readers and the search engines.

To learn more about the various forms of rich media click here.

Glen GContent is King and this monarch demands your allegiance

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