Anything else except the internet!

A recent survey published in Mashable and written by Matt Petronzio confirms what some internet businesses already know and what all others should know.  The internet is the one service that most people say they could not live without.  But there is another interesting finding in this study that should also be an eye opener.  A nearly equal number would not want to live without their cellphones.  Now couple this with recent statistic from Google that show a majority of searches now emanate from mobile devices and a picture of a radically different marketing landscape should start to come into focus.

Lets start with quick look at Matt’s findings:

E Mail
Land line Phones
Social Media

The first takeaway from this should be the fact that any serious online business must have a responsive website that will be effective on any viewing platform.  If people are increasingly mobile your business better be as well.

Next and maybe even more interesting is that only 10% would not want to be without access to social media.  This is just the latest in a long line of surveys that suggest we are getting tired of all the noise social platforms generate.  If that is the case then spending much, if anything on social media advertising might not be the best idea in the world.  Yes, the number of people that use platforms like Facebook is still growing and yes, there are still opportunities to sell to segments of that audience but nothing has shaken the usage stats for the internet as a whole and there is nothing on the horizon that suggest that is going to change.

So, the smart investment continues to be in the development of your site and the marketing of that site if you are serious about generating the kind of solid returns that mark a truly successful online business.

You can read Matt’s entire article here.


Glen GAnything else except the internet!

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